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Introducing Tactical Advance’s Exploration & Science Division – The Aldrin Institute


Join Tactical Advance’s Exploration & Science DivisionThe Aldrin Institute

Pushing beyond the stars into the deep unknown, searching out the secrets of the cosmos, at The Aldrin Institute we will be the spearhead of the organization. What we find out there will guide the Org forward.

While the activity of exploration and thrill of discovery are exhilarating, our primary task is facilitating the industrial and military goals of the org. If we can discover the best fields and the most valuable resources, we’ll be able to expand our operations and power-up all our org activities in turn. Mapping and uncovering never before seen systems allows us unprecedented access to resources and riches. Is there a Bengal carrier that lies ready in wait? All you have to do is find it!

If you have an eye for adventure, your imagination knows no bounds, join The Aldrin Institute today and be the first to set your eyes upon the unfathomable. Here at the Institute our only limitations are the ones we create for ourselves.

Join the best damn organization in the best damn space sim today.