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Introducing Tactical Advance’s Military Division – TALON


Join Tactical Advance’s Military Division – TALON

At Tactical Advance, an organisation driven by corporate success, a skilled and effective military is needed.  We succeed through planning, teamwork, and dedication.  We cannot win the day with one super soldier.  We can win the day with well trained and cohesive units.

TALON is tasked with securing the assets and interests of the Organisation as well as defending the organisation and its members to the last.

We like action as much as the next nut with an Electric Shotgun.  Take the skills and teamwork from your Military training and go and get the pirates where they live.  Sometimes a solid defense it is not always enough, we will take the fight to the enemy.

The following is an excerpt from a TALON recruit:

The barracks are dark and silent.  Three weeks into basic I still fear mornings.  I can hear my squad mates breathing.  No one else is asleep either.  It does not take many mornings being flipped from your slumber by a terrifying Drill Instructor to change your attitude to waking up…

“Move it, move it, Grab your weapons you pathetic worms!”

I jump from my bunk already dressed in an EVA bodysuit liner.  I am going to get this right today.  My squad mates are depending upon me.

Join the best damn organization in the best damn space sim today.