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Introducing Tactical Advance’s Industry & Trade Division – Mercury Core


Join Tactical Advance’s Industry & Trade Division – Mercury Core

Like money? Well time is money so let’s keep this short.

Do you like pulling your livelihood out of rocks?
Maybe you like ripping apart the wrecks of those less fortunate?
Does scooping the stars themselves for fuel sound like a good time?
Do you just want to deliver huge amounts of cargo and supplies?

Welcome to the Mercury Core. Tactical Advance’s one stop shop for all your Industrial wants and needs. We are focused on doing the hard work, getting down into the dirt, and doing what needs to be done in order to keep this galaxy running. Whether you want to pull diamonds from asteroid fields, break up crashed hulls, fuel the TA Industrial Machine, or move vital supplies around the verse, this is the place to be. We will be taking part in every facet of the Industrial world.

The resulting cash overflowing your pockets definitely doesn’t hurt either.

Join the best damn organization in the best damn space sim today.