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CitizenCon Teamspeak Party


CitizenCon Teamspeak Party

Time to climb out of the Gamers bubble.
No need to watch the Internet Space Ship Citizens Conference alone in a dark room like some shameful cockroach.
Log into the Tactical Advance Teamspeak and enjoy all the events highlights live.
Talk to Organisation members live at the event and get the gossip before anyone else.

Feel the excitement with your friends at the time.
Let all the tension of the media disasters fade away and refresh the passions of old.
Wear a costume and have an early Halloween Party!


Saturday the 10th of October at 5pm UTC.
Star citizen event begins at 7pm UTC.

Some conversions for those easily confused by time zones. 7pm UTC is :

8pm in UK yes Daylight Savings
12pm (lunchtime) in US Pacific Daylight Savings Time
3pm in New York
6am in eastern Australia (5am in QLD) 11th of October
3am in Western Australia 11th of October
So please come and join the party feel free to sit in general or move other channels and enjoy a less busy chat if you wish to chat with a few friends.

Also remember these helpful links to help yourselves and us. the community out/